Funding Partners

211 is a true community-wide initiative. It takes a lot of partners to build and sustain a service that’s always available for all 703,000 Lake County residents. That’s why United Way of Lake County is proud to recognize our community of 211 donors. We are grateful for their generous support and trust they are proud of making a real difference in their hometowns.

Current Fiscal Year: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Contributing $50,000 or more

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Contributing $10,000 - $49,999

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AuroraAdvocate Healthcare logo
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The Buchanan Family Foundation

Karen and Andrew Warrington*


Contributing $5,000 - $9,999

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Kristine and Brian Blaser*


Contributing $1,000 - $4,999

Alight Solutions


Chuck and Teresa Bartels*

Benton Township

Judy and Larry Berliant*

Monica Burmeister*


Nancy Coolley*

Michelle Mittler Crombie*

Irene Hrusovsky*

Thelma Krause*


Moraine Township

Mark and Sarah Schweitzer*

Sysmex America, Inc.

Village of Libertyville

Waukegan Township

Melinda and Steve Whittington*

Donnovan Young*

Mike Zafirovski*

Zion Township

211 CLUB

Contributing $211

Glenda Abbott

Henry Allen

Kelly Arce

Wajiha Azher

David Bacehowski

Judge Luis Berrones

Molly Brennan

John Brucato

Steven Bugg

Dennis Burke

Monica Burmeister

Stephen Carlson

Michael and Jan Caron

Alexander Carr

Mary Lou Claussen

Carissa Casbon

Nancy Coolley

Cameron Crombie

Jenna Daugherty

Ann and Michael Douma

John Ellis

Michael Firth

Heather Gandy

Dru Garcia

Peter Garrity

Gary W. Gibson

Julie and Richard Gordon

Capt. James D. Hawkins

Michael Hersch

Bruce Johnson

Jeanne Kearby

Leslie Kischer

Judy Kotsiopoulos

Sandra Lara

Kristi Long

Denise Majeski

Patrice Maloney-Knauff

Kevin McDonough

Shel and Lisa McGee

Peyton and Mary Metzel

Marilyn Mines

Sonia Munoz

Lori Nerheim

Diana Nielander

Karen Nordgren

Quin O'Brien

Kathleen O'Connor

Gary Oltmans

Mark Pfister

John Pirog

Sami Porter

Gladys Rodriguez

John Rosenheim

Timothy Sashko

Justice Mary Schostok

Terry and Cindy Simmons

William Smith

Harry Solomon

Terri Stark

Robert Szarzynski

Tejal Vakharia

Anthony Vega

Deb Waszak

Mary Sue Welch

Jeffrey Whitehead

Bob Wieseneck

Jacki Willhoff

Rita Zaluzec

Carla and Rudy Zuniga

*211 Club Members

Become a 211 Funding Partner

Would you like to join our community of 211 donors and add your name to one of the lists above? United Way of Lake County’s 211 relies on funding from all across the county, including from community partners, foundations, businesses and individuals, to provide this vital service for all 703,000 Lake County residents. With your support, we can sustain 211 for many years to come! For more information on 211 partnership opportunities and benefits, contact Quinton Snodgrass at 847-775-1046 or Dennis Burke at 847-775-1014.

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Help Support 211

You can help support 211 with your tax-deductible donation.